India’s Influence on Global Environmental Laws Highlighted by Justice Michael Wilson from Supreme Court of Hawaii at NLU Workshop

Dr. Rajendra Prasad National Law University (NLU), Prayagraj, is hosting an online International Workshop on ‘Integrated Legal Education: Transforming Approaches to Pedagogy and Research in Law.’ Running from July 3 to July 7, 2024, this virtual workshop aims to introduce innovative teaching techniques and strategies specifically required for integrated legal education.

The workshop includes 14 technical sessions covering crucial topics for enhancing participants’ abilities in law-teaching pedagogy. It offers effective strategies to elevate legal education, with significant discussions on integrating technology into law teaching, ensuring that educators are well-equipped for the digital age. The workshop features distinguished speakers from globally renowned institutions.

On the second day of the workshop, Justice Michael Wilson, former Judge of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, discussed experiential learning in legal education. He used the example of climate justice to illustrate experiential learning and highlighted the court and justice delivery mechanism. Justice Wilson proudly shared the cultural and legal similarities and differences between India and Hawaii’s legal systems. He emphasized that legal educators should use examples of cases and judgments while teaching. He suggested readings and cases from India, including the landmark judgment delivered by Honourable Justice Dr. D. Y. Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India. He noted India’s demographic and intellectual supremacy in delivering global environmental justice.

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Justice Wilson also stressed the importance of interdisciplinary methods in legal education and how the curriculum for legal design should positively affect the course of interdisciplinary research.

The workshop will continue for the next three days, with both national and international scholars sharing their experiences on legal education and pedagogy.

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