MP P Wilson Writes to President of India highlighting the Disproportionate Representation of High Courts in Supreme Court

Rajya Sabha MP and Senior Counsel P Wilson wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind expressing anguish about inadequate representation of High Court Judges from different States at the Apex Court.

Mr Wilson stressed several elements of the Indian Constitution that makes it a federal one. While emphasizing the importance of Article 24, he stated that the Supreme Court is composed of many High Court judges and lawyers from different States. He urged that the spirit of cooperative federalism should be reinforced.

In his letter, Wilson stated that the Supreme Court belongs equally to all States, which implies that it should be made up of judges from different States. The letter points out that the Apex Court, being final arbitration of disputes, has to decide rights in rem and rights in personam. This includes disputes between the different Indian States and affects customs, culture and languages.

While referring to the Madras High Court and its chartered High Court with an illustrious history, there is only one judge from the State in the Apex Court. 

It is stated that inadequate representation of States in the Supreme Court is detrimental to the rights of States and their population. 

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A reference was made to the representation of States in Apex Court and how there is disproportionate representation.

Mr Wilson observed that there is no reasonable nexus between sanctioned strength of the High Court and the representation in the Supreme Court.

The letter urges the President to direct the Union to ensure social diversity in judicial appointments to the Apex Court and provide representation to all High Courts and States based on the sanctioned strength.

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