BCI Announces Key Guidelines for AIBE Exam 2023 Candidates; Result Update Here

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has issued an important notice for the candidates who have appeared for the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) 2023. In a significant move, the BCI has invited candidates to submit any grievances or inquiries related to the AIBE XVII and XVIII exams. This announcement comes amidst the anticipation of the AIBE 18 Result 2023, for which a specific release date is yet to be confirmed by the BCI. Candidates have been eagerly awaiting the AIBE 18 Final Answer Key 2023 and the subsequent results. Earlier, the council had released the Certificate of Practice for AIBE 17 Exam 2023.

In a bid to streamline the process and ensure efficient handling of queries, the Council has mandated that all concerns and grievances be raised exclusively online. “Grievances/inquiries regarding the exams, if raised through other modes such as email or written application, will not be entertained,” stated the official notification from the Council. This measure aims to centralize the grievance redressal mechanism, potentially speeding up the resolution process.

The AIBE results for 2023 are set to be determined based on the final answer key of the AIBE 18 exam. Reports suggest that the BCI plans to release both the AIBE 18 Final Answer Key 2023 and the AIBE 18 Result 2023 simultaneously this year, marking a slight deviation from the usual practice.

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Steps for Candidates to Raise Grievances:

The Council has outlined a straightforward procedure for candidates to raise any issues or inquiries they have regarding the AIBE 17 (XVII) and AIBE 18 (XVIII) exams:

1. Visit the official grievance portal: Candidates should access the designated link [https://aibe.smartexams.in/index.php](https://aibe.smartexams.in/index.php) to initiate their grievance submission.

2. Select the ‘Incident’ tab: Upon reaching the portal, candidates need to click on the tab labeled “Submit Incident.”

3. Complete the ‘Submit Incident’ process: By clicking on this tab, candidates will be redirected to a page where they can detail their query. It is crucial to fill in all necessary details accurately.

4. Specify the relevant AIBE exam: Candidates must mention “AIBE-XVII” as the subject of their incident if they are from the AIBE-XVII batch. Similarly, AIBE-XVIII candidates should use “AIBE-XVIII” as their subject line.

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