Supreme Court Takes Strict Action on Rampant Tree Cutting in Delhi, Addresses Extreme Weather and Heat

In response to the severe weather conditions and extreme heat in Delhi, the Supreme Court has taken a significant step. The court has proposed a massive tree plantation drive in Delhi and has asked the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) how the Tree Protection Act can be implemented in the city.

On Monday, the Supreme Court, acknowledging the harsh weather and intense heat in the capital, directed a large-scale tree plantation campaign. Justices Abhay M. Oka and Rajesh Bindal emphasized the need for this initiative and questioned the DDA on the implementation of the Tree Protection Act in Delhi. The court stated that following a clear stance from the DDA, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) would also be included in this drive as necessary.

The Supreme Court noted the severe heat situation in the capital and proposed an automatic directive for MCD, DDA, and NDMC to launch a large-scale tree plantation campaign. Additionally, the court expressed strong displeasure over the rampant tree cutting in the Ridge area of Delhi, demanding clarification from the DDA Vice Chairman on whether the order for tree cutting was issued by the Lieutenant Governor (LG).

The court posed this question to the DDA Vice Chairman because the LG is the chairman of the DDA. The court asked the DDA Vice Chairman to clarify if any directives were issued by the LG during his visit to the area on February 3, prior to the tree cutting.

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The court pointed out that more than 1,100 trees had been cut, deeming it a very serious matter. This concern led to the issuance of a contempt notice. The court now seeks to identify who violated the Supreme Court’s order. Previously, the Supreme Court had taken a stringent stance against tree cutting without the court’s approval and issued a contempt notice to the DDA Vice Chairman.

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