No Liquor consumption in public places in Lucknow

The Lucknow district administration has prohibited the consumption of liquor outside or near liquor shops, following the enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha elections.

District Magistrate Surya Pal Gangwar has directed liquor vendors to ensure that there is no consumption of liquor in places other than those that have been awarded the required permission by the departments concerned.

The district magistrate said that consumption of liquor in public places, parking spaces outside liquor vends and on the roadside is strictly prohibited.

“Liquor should not be consumed by parking vehicles outside liquor shops or standing near vends, which may cause inconvenience to the general public and may disturb the public peace and law and order situation. Any person found to be violating this would face strictest legal action which may include fine and jail up to six months,” he said.

Besides, the administration has also imposed a limit on the sale of liquor. According to the administration, while the prescribed limit for the sale of country-made local liquor — BIO and bottled in India (BII) category — is one litre per person, it is 4.5 litre per person for imported foreign liquor brands.

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“Likewise, only 2.5 litres of wine and six litres of beer in both BIO and BII category can be sold to an individual.

The district magistrate also directed the printing presses and publishers to comply with restrictions on the unauthorised printing of pamphlets and posters related to elections.

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