New Lawyers Can Earn Name With Environment PILs, Also Serve Society: BCI Chief

New lawyers can raise environment issues through PILs to get the dual benefit of serving society as well as earning name and fame, Bar Council of India chairperson Manan Kumar Mishra said on Saturday.

Addressing the inaugural session of the two-day International Conference on Sustainable Climate Action hosted by the India International University of Legal Education and Research (IIULER) here, Mishra admitted that getting clients at the start of their careers is tough for most lawyers.

“For new lawyers, subjects like climate change and related norms will help in the beginning. You won’t require a client if you use the concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL),” he said and cited the polluted Yamuna river an example for such litigation.

“To thrive in the profession of law one needs name and fame. There aren’t many laws around environmental issues, only about six to seven. If you carefully examine all these laws, you will be able to file relevant PILs. By doing so you will also be serving society,” Mishra claimed.

Gujarat State Human Rights Commission chairperson and former Allahabad Hight Court judge KJ Thaker, in his address, expressed concern about the environment.

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“We are oblivious to our acts that endanger the environment. We have also not learnt lessons from past mistakes in places like Uttarakhand. The menace of environmental pollution can’t be curbed only with legislation,” he said.

“Action plans have to be rigorously followed by people. It is not the duty of the government alone. The gaps between legislation and implementation will have to be narrowed. A cumulative effort will make us an environment friendly nation,” Thaker said.

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