Mumbai Court Orders Producer Boney Kapoor to Settle Unpaid Bills Ahead of ‘Maidaan’ Release

In a significant legal setback for Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor, a Mumbai local court has ruled that he must promptly pay a sum of 96 lakh rupees in settlement of unpaid dues to a vendor. This decision comes ahead of the highly anticipated release of Kapoor’s latest film project, ‘Maidaan’.

The legal entanglement began when a supplier accused Kapoor of failing to clear a bill worth one crore rupees for equipment supplied during the production of ‘Maidaan’. The court, after reviewing the case, has directed Kapoor to compensate the vendor by paying the adjusted amount of 96,06,743 rupees.

The court’s decision stated, “The Honorable Court orders the defendants to provide a security of the amount of 96,06,743 rupees, so that the property or its value or such part thereof as may be necessary can be produced at the disposal of the court, if needed, which might be sufficient to satisfy the decree.”

Following the court’s verdict, the vendors released an official statement, expressing their long-standing grievances. “Boney Kapoor refused to pay interest even after withholding payment for more than 2 years. Our legitimate claims were dismissed as blackmail. However, in the end, justice prevails and we have emerged victorious.”

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The statement also addressed the broader film industry, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment and advocating for the rights of individuals. “We sincerely hope that people in this industry will understand that taking advantage of someone or intimidating them is not acceptable. One must fight for what they rightfully deserve, especially when they work so hard for it. They should receive what they are entitled to.”

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