MP-MLA Court Acquits Azam Khan in Hate Speech Case

The MP-MLA court (session trial) granted SP Neja Azam Khan significant relief. The court acquitted him of the charge of making hateful remarks. In this case, the MP-MLA (Magistrate Trial) court sentenced Azam Khan to three years in prison on October 27, 2022, after which he lost his legislative seat.

Azam Khan filed an appeal in the sessions court against this sentence. The case was heard in the MP-MLA court (session trial) on Wednesday. After hearing both sides’ arguments, the court acquitted Azam Khan of the charge of making hate speech. The Court overturned the Magistrate Trial Court’s decision. In this case, the court issued a 70-page decision.

In which the Supreme Court and the High Court’s decisions are mentioned. The decision of the Sessions Court provided significant relief to Azam Khan, but the restoration of his legislature remains uncertain. Because, in the Chhajlat case, the Moradabad court sentenced Azam Khan and his son Abdullah Azam to two years in prison. After that, Abdullah Azam Khan’s legislature was gone. His legislature cannot be restored in such a situation.

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