Makers of Rajnikanth starrer Jailer’ to alter scene with RCB jersey: HC told

 Makers of Rajnikanth starrer movie Jailer’ have told the Delhi High Court that they would digitally alter the clippings of the movie which shows a contract killer wearing the jersey of Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL team and making derogatory and misogynistic statements about a woman.

The high court told the defendants, Sun TV Network Ltd and film producer Kalanithi Maran, that with effect from September 1, the RCB team jersey shall stand edited or altered in the theatrical depiction of the film.

The court was informed that after the first hearing in the suit filed by Royal Challengers Sports Private Limited, which is a wholly subsidiary of United Spirits Limited, the defendants had contacted the plaintiff and the dispute on the depiction of the RCB jersey in the film has been resolved between them.

Justice Prathiba M Singh, in an August 22 order, noted that as per the e-mails exchanged between the parties, the terms which have been agreed by them are that “the defendants would digitally alter the clippings of the movie that feature the RCB team jersey in a manner so as to ensure that the jersey is not identifiable as the RCB jersey. This would include the deletion of the primary colours of the RCB jersey as also the branding of the sponsors which appear on the RCB jersey.”

The producers shall ensure that this alteration or editing is carried out prior to the release of the feature film on television, satellite or on any over-the-top (OTT) platform, it said.

The court said the defendants and all parties acting for or on their behalf, including their distribution network, shall be bound by these terms and conditions.

“The defendants shall ensure that after September 1, 2023, none of the theatres would exhibit the RCB jersey in any form whatsoever. Insofar as television, satellite or any OTT platform is concerned, prior to the release thereof, the altered version of the film shall be broadcasted/ telecasted,” the court said.

Plaintiff Royal Challengers Sports Private Limited said they recently found that the film Jailer’ featuring the well-known Tamil actor Rajnikanth had a scene in the movie in which a contract killer is wearing the RCB jersey and also making derogatory and misogynistic statements about a woman.

The entire scene has been described in the plaint along with the storyboard of the clips which clearly show the RCB jersey being used and the transcript of the scene has also been placed on record.

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The grievance of the plaintiff is that the RCB jersey was being used without its permission and was also negatively depicted in the film, which is likely to dilute the team’s brand image and to hurt the equity and rights of its sponsors, that is, the Muthoot Group whose name is also reflected in the jersey.

The plaintiff said it would constitute disparagement and result in dilution and tarnishment of its brand image and sought a permanent injunction against the defendants and for deletion of the depiction of the RCB jersey.

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