Kerala HC Allows A4 Size Papers for Court Proceedings

In the wake of the decision of Supreme Court allowing A4 Size Papers for Court Proceedings, the Kerala High Court has also permitted A4 Sheet with Printing on Both Sides.

The Kerala High Court issued a Notification Yesterday for minimizing the consumption of power.

The Notification issued today says that minimising the consumption of paper adds a positive impact on the environment. Besides, it reduces cost and needs lesser storage space. In this context, the High Court had earlier issued notification cited first, allowing typewriting/printing on both sides of the paper in all pleadings filed before the High Court.

Further, A4 size papers reduce infrastructural investment in foolscap paper compatible printers. A4 size papers are internationally accepted, popular, easily available and cheaper when compared to other sizes. 

The Honourable Supreme Court has also switched over to A4 size papers with printing on both sides for pleadings filed before it. The Secretary, Kerala High Court Advocates’ Association vide letter cited second has also requested the Honourable the Chief Justice of this Court to switch over to A4 size papers with printing on both sides.

Considering all the above aspects, the Honourable the Chief Justice is pleased to direct that hereafter all petitions, affidavits, memoranda of appeal and other proceedings presented before the High Court shall be in A4 size papers and typewritten/printed on both sides.

The detailed specifications are as follows –

Paper – A4 size paper (21.0 X 29.7 cms) having not less than 75 GSM

Page set up and margins – 3.5 cm on left and right; 2 cm on top and bottom.

The Court had directed that this system will be mandatory with effect from 02/11/2020.

Earlier the Gujrat High Court has allowed double-side printing on A4 size paper.

The Allahabad High Court and Delhi High Court is also considering the matter on the administrative side.

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