In The Age of Fake News, We need journalists more than ever: Justice Chandrachud

While giving his address at the 11th Convocation & Founders Day Ceremony of OP Jindal Global University, Supreme Court judge Justice DY Chadrachud said that in the age of fake news, society needs journalists more than ever to document everything and to expose fault lines of the society.

The Judge said that India will be celebrating the momentous occasion of the 75th Independence year and we should not celebrate it just in a ritualistic way but we should introspect on our progress and fulfil the values of the Constitution.

He said that even after 75 years of independence many citizens are deprived of equality in social and economic spheres and also pointed out that it is the responsibility of every citizen and not just the government to promote social justice and social democracy.

As per the judge, practising lawyers can devote their lives to providing legal aid while corporate lawyers can strive to make their workspace accessible and equitable. He also referred to various inclusive programs started by individuals that make legal education and opportunities accused to people from marginalised backgrounds.

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The judge said that in today’s age of social media people are trapped in information bubbles that lead to intellectual isolation and urged the people to understand the perspective of mothers.

Significantly, Justice Chandrachud said that Independence did not just mark freedom from colonial rule but it was a watershed in the social transformation that our society intended to achieve.

While parting, the judge thanked his parents and especially his mother and said that wherever he is today, it’s because of his parent’s unstinted dedication.

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