Ganga Water fit for Bathing not Drinking: Pollution Board to Allahabad HC

The UP Pollution Control Board (UPCB) has submitted an affidavit in the Allahabad High Court. They have stated that the water of Ganga river was fit for bathing but not for drinking purposes.

This affidavit was submitted in a PIL filed in the Allahabad High Court to protect Ganga and prevent pollution.

Municipal Commissioner, Prayagraj has also submitted the affidavit. It has stated that seventeen drains that fall in river Ganga and twenty-five drain in river Yamuna are being treated through bioremediation. It is further stated that Nagar Nigam has appointed three agencies for the treatment of discharge of these drains through bioremediation.

It is further stated that bioremediation has been adopted in different towns/ cities through the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and National Green Tribunal direction. It was also stated that UPCB is regularly monitoring the treatment process and is also analysing samples of discharge/water before and after treatment.

On the other hand, Amicus Curiae Sri A. K. Gupta and petitioner’s counsel stated that disclosures made in the affidavit described above were incorrect. As per them, untreated water is still dumped in Ganga, and its water has also changed in colour.

They also pointed out that several nalas are still not operational despite several directions of Allahabad High Court.

Earlier, the Court had directed that all nalas should be connected through STPs in a phased manner.

After taking all the Affidavits on record, the Court issued the following directions:-

  • Municipal Commissioner, Prayagraj to submit its agreement with the private agencies to whom work of treatment of drains through bioremediation has been entrusted. The amount paid till date under the contract mentioned above shall be disclosed and other relevant details.
  • State Government shall state in an affidavit to be filed by an officer, not below the Secretary’s rank, in how much time it proposes to connect the remaining drains to STPs.
  • The Central Government shall file an affidavit disclosing whether IIT Consortium has submitted any report regarding Ganga River Basin work, the report has been submitted.

The Court also granted liberty to record evidence to show that STPs are working or not and whether untreated water.

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