From Law Graduate to Notorious Criminal: Dhani Ram Mittal’s Journey of Stealing 1000 Cars and Masquerading as a Judge to Free 2000 Inmates

In a startling revelation that challenges our conventional understanding of education and morality, Dhani Ram Mittal, dubbed India’s ‘smartest’ thief, has emerged as a stark reminder of the complex interplay between knowledge and ethical decision-making. Known for his audacious heists and bewildering escapades, Mittal’s life story reads like a thriller, blurring the lines between brilliance and infamy.

A law graduate with expertise in handwriting and graphology, Mittal embarked on a life of crime at the tender age of 25, leaving a trail of bewildered victims and perplexed law enforcement agencies. His audacity knew no bounds; Mittal is credited with the theft of over 1,000 cars, preferring the brazenness of daylight operations across Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and their vicinities.

Mittal’s most notorious act, however, involved an audacious impersonation that left the judicial system in shock. Crafting false documents, he orchestrated a two-month leave for the additional session Judge of Jhajjar court, only to take his place and unlawfully release over 2,000 criminals. The audacity of this act was unparalleled, and before the authorities could unravel the deceit, Mittal vanished into thin air.

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The aftermath saw a frenzied crackdown, with law enforcement re-apprehending the released criminals. Yet, Mittal’s legacy as a criminal mastermind continued to haunt the corridors of justice and law enforcement. His frequent incarcerations did little to deter his spirit, with each escape adding to his infamy.

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