Delhi HC orders Rs 5L Compensation for Acid Attack survivors, seeks Employment Opportunities

The Delhi High Court has mandated the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) to award Rs 5 lakhs compensation to each of two acid attack survivors for the grave injuries and disfigurement they faced in a 2009 incident.

The decision was made by a bench consisting of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait and Justice Neena Bansal Krishna, alongside upholding the acquittal of two individuals previously accused of the attack.

Acknowledging the lifelong scars and suffering of the victims, the court stressed the imperative to not overlook the severe impact of the attack, despite the inability to conclusively identify the assailants.

Moreover, it directed the DSLSA to explore potential employment opportunities for the survivors within any department of the Delhi government as a step towards their rehabilitation.

The survivors are also to undergo a medical examination at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to determine their future medical treatment needs, arranged by the DSLSA.

The harrowing ordeal left the victims completely blind and severely disfigured, stripping them of their independence, career prospects, and the ability to lead normal lives.

Despite the accusations, the trial court acquitted the accused in 2012, and the state and the victims challenged it before the high court.

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The appeals by the state and the survivors, seeking to overturn the acquittal, were dismissed after careful evaluation of the evidence, which the high court found insufficient to meet the standard of proof required for conviction and upheld the trial court order.

The credibility of witnesses and the quality of the investigation were cited as key factors leading to the acquittal.

The matter has been scheduled for a follow-up hearing on May 6. (IANS)

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