Bizarre: Wife Seeks Divorce Because Husband Left Drinking Beer

Usually, strange cases keep coming up for hearing in Courts, and this relates to Divorce.

But, this time a unique case has come up in the family Court. People are surprise to hear about this case.

Actually, in the office of Family Court Counsellor Bhopal, a case came where the wife sought a divorce from her husband because he left drinking beer.

Not only this, the wife this much disliked the giving up of her husband’s beer that she left husband’s house and went to live with her parents while seeking a divorce from him.

This is the Case:

As per the media reports, the woman married two years ago. The husband-wife used to live alone.

Then, the husband was habitual of drinking beer and used to drink at home only.

One day, the husband persuaded his wife to drink beer with him.

From that day onwards, both husband and wife used to do beer party together.

Came to her parents’ home:

Husband and wife often used to do beer party. Their beer party lasted for some months and then, the husband stopped drinking beer one day.

As the husband stopped drinking beer, the beer party of the wife also got stopped due to this. Thereafter, the wife kept regularly asking her husband to drink beer.

Even after so much insistence, her husband did not drink beer. Thereafter, the wife left his home and came to live with her parents.

Daughter demands beer constantly:

The wife’s parents say that she demands beer regularly, which has disturbed them.

Due to this issue, they have approached the court. Even after the counselling of Family Court, the wife is not accepting.

Sarita Rajani Counsellor of Family Court has said that after the counselling of both husband and wife, the wife did not agree to stop drinking beer.

Therefore, the husband-wife has filed a divorce case now.  

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