Why Petrol Diesel Can’t be Under GST?

On Monday, the high court of Kerala asked the GST council to decide if petroleum products could be included under the scope of goods and services Tax.

The bench of hon’ble Chief Justice Shaji p Chali and hon justice s Manu Kumar directed the GST council to take appropriate decision within six months from the date of the order.

While disposing of the matter, the bench noted an earlier decision that the GST council can not be mandated to make any decision there. It was only directing it to forward the representation to the Union of India, who should decide within six months.

As per the petitioner’s counsel, different states charge different rates for petrol and diesel because state governments levy different taxes. This disrupts the vision of a harmonised national market envisaged under Article 279A(6).it was contended that the rise in fuel prices has a ripple effect, and other commodities’ price also rises.

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It is alleged that Centre and State governments control prices when elections come but claim that petroleum countries decide the price.

In recent months, there has been a steep rise in fuel prices and some places; the price has breached the hundred rupee mark.

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  1. Excellent 👌, Indian Government has been absolutely failed to control on these commedities Petrol and Diesel, under the International marketing,so these are the petrol and Diesel are literally main source for the public, hence the order of the Hon’ble High court Kerala is appreciated and unic verdict on the GST,it is best one in our International community,


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