Vehicles Seized by Police Should Not be Kept For Long Period

The Jharkhand High Court gave a ruling that the seized vehicles standing in the police stations should be released on some conditions.

While hearing a case, Jharkhand High Court has issued an order that the vehicles seized by the police should not be parked in police stations for long.

Because it involves the money of the general public and many vehicles are on finance.

Due to long-standing in the police station, vehicles start breaking down and deteriorating due to which there is a huge loss of revenue to the state government.

High Court lawyer Ankit Apoorva said that he had filed a petition in the court to release the trucks seized in illegal cow smuggling by the police administration in Simdega and Chaibasa.

He argued in the case that the police did not have the right to seize the vehicle until the charge is proved.

Truck was standing in the police station for 1 year

The lower court refused to release the trucks, stating that the police had written a letter to the owner of the seized vehicle in this case and no reply has been received.

After that, the petition was filed in the High Court.

High Court Judgment

The High Court, after taking cognizance of the whole case, has said that until the accused is found guilty and it is not proved that the seized trucks were being used for smuggling, till then the action of confiscation of the truck should not be taken.

At the same time, the court said that by standing in the police station vehicles deteriorate.

Due to which they are not able to be in circulation, which causes a huge loss of revenue to the state government.

Therefore the police should release vehicles with some conditions.

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