Union law minister says NALSA has important role to play in ensuring equality to all

Meghwal recalled the contribution made by past judges of the apex court in terms of legal aid services to the common citizens.

“CJI (PN) Bhagwati had said if anyone sends him a postcard, he will register a PIL. This is the right the legal services authority has given to the people, ” Meghwal said.

He said in this regard, the meet at Srinagar was a “rich gathering”.

“Top judges of the Supreme Court and Chief Justices of all high courts of the country except one or two are here,” he said.

Meghwal said India currently holds presidency of two international organizations.

“India has presidency of two international organizations. One is G20 and other is SCO which has a connect with this place. This has been a place of exchanges in the past,” he said.

Meghwal said there is some work left to be done in legal aid services.

“We will open an office where three lawyers will be available. How we will do it, I will discuss with you. Para volunteers are also working. Prisoners are getting legal help. The services of India legal authority are commendable. And Nalsa is working expeditiously in this direction,” he said.

The minister said the “Prime Minister has given us a target” of making Indian a developed nation by 2047.

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“The first year of ‘Amrit Kaal’ and this event in this pious land will augur well,” he said.

Meghwal said e-courts need to be implemented fast.

“In the first phase, we focused on hardware, second phase on ease of access. Third phase is paperless etc. The third phase will revolutionize the justice delivery system. People will talk about it in the times to come that such great steps were taken,” he said.

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