The Calcutta High Court Ordered the Dismissal of 36 Thousand of State Primary School Teachers

Justice Abhijit Ganguly of the Calcutta High Court has ordered the dismissal of 36,000 illegally appointed primary school teachers. They are all inexperienced. The judge ordered all these teachers to return to school for the next four months, but only as para teachers. The state government must fill these positions by making new appointments within three months.

140 untrained candidates had petitioned the Supreme Court. He stated that the entire panel for the appointment of primary teachers was recently published on the orders of the Calcutta High Court. It was discovered that the number of people hired as teachers is significantly lower than the number of petitioners. Many untrained candidates were hired based on recommendations. Only then did the judge order that the entire panel be cancelled.

He had previously stated that the entire panel of primary teachers appointed in 2016 was corrupt. As a result, the entire appointment will be cancelled. On Friday, he issued the same order.

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