Supreme Court Collegium Approves Permanency for Two Telangana High Court Judges

In a significant judiciary update, the Supreme Court Collegium has officially recommended that two additional judges from the Telangana High Court be elevated to permanent positions. The judges in question, Justices Jaggannagari Sreenivasa Rao and Namavarapu Rajeshwar Rao, were listed in a recent resolution posted on the Supreme Court’s official website.

The move comes after the High Court Collegium put forward their names on February 13, advocating for their permanent appointments. This recommendation received the nod from both the Telangana Chief Minister and the Governor, paving the way for further evaluation as per the judicial appointment procedures.

Under the established Memorandum of Procedure, specific Supreme Court judges familiar with Telangana High Court affairs were consulted to assess the suitability of Justices Rao and Rao for the permanent roles. Their judgments were subsequently reviewed by a two-judge committee, which praised the quality of their decisions.

After careful examination of all available records and the inputs from the consultee judges and committee, the Collegium determined that both candidates meet the high standards required for permanent judgeships. This endorsement marks a crucial step in their judicial careers, pending final approval from the President.

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