Playschools move Apex Court seeking loan moratorium

Many playschools, creches and daycare centres have collectively approached the Supreme Court for help stating that the online model of functioning is not working for them, and they are in financial distress.

The petitioners were represented by Advocate Rohit Pandey, who asked the Court to intervene on the government’s behalf and provide financial support and loan moratorium for these affected schools.

According to the petitioners, the Cvid pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have hit them hard, and their schools/institutions had to remain closed, so their funds have dried up. They submitted that they hardly have any money and their staff is on the verge of unemployment.

It was submitted that playschools couldn’t function in online mode as it is more of a physical experience like playing and learning good manners, and due to the pandemic, such schools have been shit since March 2020.

Since the schools are not getting any income, they cannot pay back loan amounts and requested support from the Court and the government.

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