Oudh Bar Association Boycotts Court of Justice DK Singh at Allahabad High Court Lucknow

On Wednesday, the Oudh Bar Association of Allahabad High Court at Lucknow resolved to boycott Court No.8 of Allahabad High Court Lucknow presided over by Justice D.K. Singh.

In the lunch session of the Court an emergent meeting the Oudh Bar Association was called General Secretary Manoj Mishra under the chairmanship of President Anand Mani Tripathi and it was resolved that:

Today an urgent meeting is called under the chairmanship of President of Oudh Bar Association Sri. A.M. Tripathi and the said meeting has been conveniend by General Secertary Mano} Kumar Mishra with regard to missbehaviour and to create imbarsing position with the counsels who appear before Hon’ble Justice D.K. Singh. The Bar has received complaints from the respected member of the Bar, the member of the Bar have apprise:lthat before Hon’ble Justice D.K. Singh to conduct the cases have now become very difficult because before his Lordship in the aforesaid circumstances, The bar has unanimiously resolved to abstain from working in the Court of Hon’ble Justice D.K. Singh with immediate effect from 2:15 p.m. on 19- 04-2023 onwards &n- the member of the Bar are requested to abstain the work from the Court of Hon’ble Justice D.K. Singh so that the dignity of the members of the Bar should be maintained. 

Later in the evening another resolution was passed to boycott the Court of Justice DK Singh till further orders. The resolution says:

  • In Continuation of earlier resolution drawn at 1:15 P.M. it is unanimously resolved that lawyers would continue to abstain from judical work of Court No. 8 presided by Hon’ble Mr. Justice D.K. Singh. 
  • It is well know fact amongst the fellow lawyers that there has been continuous embrashment of lawyers inside Court No. 8., even the other sitting judges are not exception to it. The co-ordinate bench judgments are not respected and the writers of these judgments are subjected to slangs and criticism.
  • The Bar and Bench are two equal entities which work together for dispensation of justices. If either of the entity does not works in the interest of justices of the public at large, then the system, organization and the institution will fall.
  • The continuous harressment of lawyers and uncourteous atmosphere in Court No. 8 has led to resentment amongst the Bar Members. 
  • Bar is Judges of Judges and if the Bar feels harassed by behaviour of any then it could not serve the greater purpose of administration of justice. If the lawyers do not feel comfortable inside the courts then how would they serve greater purpose of getting justice for poor litigant before the Court. 

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