No Car Day: Judges and Lawyers Used E-Rickshaw and Cycle to Reach Court

No Car Day was celebrated in Indore on Friday, causing thousands of cars to come to a halt across the city. The initiative, which was called for by the Mayor, saw high-ranking dignitaries such as High Court Judges and public representatives finding alternative ways to travel.

High Court judges, Lawyers, the mayor, and public representatives arrived at their offices on two-wheelers, while the collector and many officials opted for the city bus. District Court judges even rode bicycles to reach the courthouse, and the Municipal Commissioner made the journey on foot.

The Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court had previously issued a notice to its staff, requesting them to utilize alternative modes of transport instead of cars on World Car Free Day. This notice also applied to judges, advocates, and members of the District Bar Association, urging their support for the campaign by refraining from using cars.

In the notice, it was specified that World Car Free Day would be observed on September 22, 2023, and everyone was encouraged to cooperate in the No Car Day campaign in Indore district by using two-wheelers, bicycles, or public transport instead of cars on that day.

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