Madhya Pradesh High Court Orders Resolution on Loudspeaker Use at Religious Sites

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has issued a significant directive regarding the ongoing controversy over loudspeaker usage at religious sites in the state. This development follows a petition from residents of Khandwa district challenging the actions taken by the state government under Mohan Yadav. The government’s initial decree aimed at removing loudspeakers from all religious venues as part of stringent compliance measures.

The High Court’s order specifically instructs the Khandwa District Collector to deliver a judicial decision within 30 days based on the prior application submitted by the petitioners. The petitioners had requested permission to use loudspeakers at their religious sites in accordance with Supreme Court guidelines.

In a detailed interview with Amar Ujala, Advocate Aryan Urmaliya, representing the petitioners, recounted a January meeting orchestrated by the police administration involving community members and religious leaders. This meeting had promised permissions for loudspeaker use, yet follow-through has been lacking, with unilateral actions like the removal of loudspeakers without formal notification.

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Advocate Urmaliya emphasized the potential landmark nature of this case for Madhya Pradesh, asserting that the High Court’s timely directive could set a precedent.

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