End deadlock in Parliament over Manipur, BCI urges opposition MPs

The Bar Council of India (BCI) on Tuesday appealed to MPs from opposition parties to end the deadlock on the Manipur issue and allow Parliament to transact its business smoothly.

A statement issued by BCI chairman and senior advocate Manan Kumar Mishra said the matter required an “urgent discussion” in the parliament with the active participation of all its members.

“Locking horns on this burning issue is not going to solve the problem. Due to this situation not only a large number of innocent people, particularly the Meiteis (who are mostly Hindus) are suffering but, now the other neighbouring states are also adversely affected,” it said.

“Boycott is no solution and it’s not only the wastage of valuable time but also a futile exercise,” it said.

The statement said the government and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are ready for the discussions in Parliament. In the nation’s interest, it is better to listen to the government to know its stand and reasons, it said.

“Every citizen of the country is entitled to know the details, the ground realities and the real situation prevailing in Manipur and other affected states.

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“Only the government, through our home minister, could clarify the matter and it is due to this reason that we are making this appeal to all the responsible leaders of the opposition of our country to allow the parliament to transact its business smoothly and find out a perfect solution to this serious problem,” it said.

Underlining that violence in Manipur or other places were posing a serious threat to national security, the statement urged that the government should be given a “free hand” to deal with the matter.

“Therefore, this is the time, when the ruling and opposition leaders should sit together, work together to resolve the issue, keeping aside all the political differences. Even for doing politics, the existence of a strong nation would be required, and all political parties should keep this harsh truth in mind,” it said.

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