Due to Rise in COVID Cases Entry in the Court Campus Would be Restricted, Says Gujarat HC CJ

On Monday, Chief Justice Aravind Kumar of the Gujarat High Court expressed concern about the growing number of Covid-19 cases and stated that access to the court campus would be restricted to prevent the disease from spreading.

As soon as the proceedings began in the morning, the chief justice noticed his courtroom was packed.

He inquired with the government lawyers present about the large number of people present.

“Doesn’t it violate the Covid regulations?” Covid is becoming more popular. The Covid protocol has been enforced by the state government. We are not supposed to congregate in this manner. Please ask them to leave until and unless they (people who remain present) are accused (of contempt of court).”

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The CJ stated that only a few representatives of the litigants could remain in the courtroom and that everyone else should leave.

A few cases later, the issue of rising Covid numbers arose again, and the Chief Justice declared, “The day after tomorrow, nobody is coming” (to courtroom). We’ll have to inform the secretary that no one is coming.

This will not be tolerated. This Covid is slightly increasing. These premises should not be used for this purpose. All of the advocates have arrived. They will be placed in a problem tomorrow.”

The HC has shut down its campus on several occasions in the last two years due to an increase in Covid cases. For the most part, it had shifted to virtual hearing.

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