Delhi High Court Round -Up for Monday

Important cases heard in the Delhi High Court on Monday, October 16:

* In a relief to the think-tank Centre for Policy Research (CPR), whose FCRA licence stands suspended over an alleged violation of rules, the HC permitted it to utilise a portion of its funds in fixed deposits for payment of salaries to its employees.

* HC asked the Centre to explain the exclusion of single, unmarried women from availing the benefit of the surrogacy procedure under the law.

* HC asked a Niti Aayog committee to expedite the process of formulation of a policy on a robust integrated medical system that includes the best of various branches of medicine.

* HC asked a petitioner, who alleged inflow of unaccounted money into the country through modes used for domestic transactions which could then be used by separatists and terrorists, to file an affidavit giving details of such instances.

* HC directed the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to constitute a medical board to consider whether it would be safe for a 22-week pregnant woman to undergo termination of pregnancy and to examine the condition of the foetus.

* HC has expressed dismay over a trial court suggesting a polygraph test of a complainant woman and discharging the accused in a rape case relying on the result, saying it was against the mandate of law.

* Lamenting the “status quoist” approach in the implementation of law recognising the rights of persons with disabilities, the HC said that instead of giving such people an equal space to grow, they are being compelled to prove that “they are capable of a lot more than we think”.

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