Delhi High Court Orders TMC MP Saket Gokhale to Pay ₹50 Lakhs for Defamation

In a significant ruling, the Delhi High Court has ordered Trinamool Congress (TMC) Member of Parliament Saket Gokhale to pay ₹50 lakhs as damages to Lakshmi Puri, wife of Union Minister Hardeep Puri, for defamation. This decision comes in response to a defamation suit filed by Lakshmi Puri against Gokhale for allegedly making defamatory statements on social media.

Justice Anup Jairam Bhambhani said that the order must be complied in eight weeks. The Court said the apology on Gokhale’s Twitter handle must stay for at least six months.


The case stems from a series of tweets and public statements made by Gokhale, which Lakshmi Puri claimed were false and damaging to her reputation. These statements reportedly pertained to her financial dealings and public conduct, causing significant distress and reputational harm.

Court’s Decision

The Court emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity and dignity of individuals in public life. The court found Gokhale’s statements to be baseless and made with a malicious intent to tarnish Puri’s reputation.

“The defendant has not only failed to substantiate his claims with credible evidence but has also shown a reckless disregard for the truth,” the judge stated in his ruling. “Such conduct is unacceptable, especially from a public figure.”

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Apology Mandate

In addition to the financial penalty, the court has mandated Gokhale to issue a public apology. This apology must be published in The Times of India newspaper and posted on his official Twitter handle. The court specified that the apology should be prominently displayed to ensure it reaches a wide audience, thereby helping to mitigate the damage caused by the defamatory statements.

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