Delhi High Court Orders Stakeholder Meeting to Address Infrastructure Concerns at DU’s Law Faculty

The Delhi High Court has mandated a stakeholders’ meeting to address grievances regarding inadequate facilities at the Delhi University Faculty of Law. The decision came after students filed a petition highlighting the lack of purified drinking water, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, among other infrastructure issues.

Justice Amit Sharma, presiding over the matter, appointed advocate Rajesh Mishra as an amicus curiae and emphasized the importance of a collaborative discussion to evaluate the existing facilities. The stakeholders, including the Dean of Student’s Welfare, Delhi University, and the Dean Faculty of Law, as well as petitioner Ankur Singh Mavi, are expected to attend the meeting scheduled within a week from the court order on Wednesday.

During the proceedings, the university’s counsel assured that provisions for drinking water are already in place. However, students Ronak Khatri, Ankur Singh Mavi, and Umesh Kumar, who initiated the plea, argue that the current facilities are grossly insufficient for the faculty’s 5,000 students. They describe the drinking water quality as poor and note a stark disparity in resource allocation between students and administrative staff, who receive bottled water daily.

The petition also sheds light on the dire state of air conditioning in classrooms, which is particularly distressing during Delhi’s harsh summers with temperatures soaring up to 48°C. The plea states, “The classrooms in Building 1 lack air conditioners entirely, while Buildings 2 and 3 suffer from non-functional units. In stark contrast, multiple air conditioners cool the administrative offices.”

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Additionally, the students pointed out significant issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, which sporadically fails, severely affecting their access to academic resources and communication. The plea also notes the inadequate maintenance and insufficiency of washroom facilities within the faculty buildings.

The court has also involved the Bar Council of India and the dean of student’s welfare as parties in the case. A detailed report on the assessment of these facilities is expected before the next hearing on July 4.

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