Delhi High Court Escalates Security Measures Following Email Bomb Threat

The Delhi High Court has significantly bolstered its security protocols following the receipt of a bomb threat via email, which has put the judicial complex on high alert. The ominous message was received by the Registrar General of the High Court on Wednesday, instigating immediate action from the authorities.

The threat, allegedly from an individual identifying as Balvant Desai, was stark in its warning. “I will blow you up with a bomb on 15/02/2024. This will be the biggest blast. You may enhance your security as much as possible and call all the ministers. Everyone will be blown up,” the email ominously stated. The specificity of the threat, including the date, has added an acute sense of urgency to the matter.

In response, the High Court administration has taken the threat with utmost seriousness, leading to a comprehensive enhancement of security measures in and around the court’s premises. The complex, usually bustling with legal professionals, litigants, and the general public, is now under stringent surveillance, with increased checks and a heightened security presence.

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Moreover, the High Court is not just relying on defensive measures. An intensive inquiry into the origins and credibility of the threatening email is underway, aiming to trace the perpetrator and assess the actual risk posed by the threat. In conjunction with this investigation, a meticulous security drill is being conducted within the court today to prepare for any potential emergency scenarios.

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