Delhi HC orders action against Spurious Oxytocin use in Dairy colonies

The Delhi High Court has issued directives to combat the use of spurious Oxytocin hormone in the dairy colonies across the national capital, stressing the need to address animal cruelty and public health concerns.

A division bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet P.S. Arora ruled that administering Oxytocin without proper authorisation constitutes an offence under the relevant legislation.

The bench was dealing with a plea alleging violations of various laws in Delhi’s dairy colonies, filed by Sunayana Sibal, Asher Jessudoss, and Akshita Kukreja.

The court asked the Department of Drugs Control, GNCTD, to conduct regular inspections and ensure that cases of spurious Oxytocin usage or possession are registered under the pertinent laws.

Moreover, the Intelligence Department of the Delhi Police has been tasked with identifying the sources of Oxytocin and taking legal action against the offenders.

The plea pointed to the necessity of relocating dairies to areas with adequate infrastructure and sanitary conditions to safeguard public health and prevent animal cruelty.

Expressing concern over the dairies located near the landfill sites, the court stressed the urgency of relocating such facilities due to potential health hazards posed by contaminated feed and milk.

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While acknowledging the need for relocation, the court deferred issuing binding directives pending further consultation with the relevant officials. The court also directed the key officials from the municipal bodies, veterinary departments, and food safety authorities to participate in the proceedings on May 8.

Officials have been tasked with exploring suitable relocation sites and coordinating efforts to address the complex issues surrounding dairy operations in Delhi.

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