Delhi HC appoints former Judge as court observer for Indian Islamic Cultural Centre

The Delhi High Court has appointed its former judge Justice Talwant Singh as the ‘Court Observer’ in relation to the management of the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre.

The court’s order came on a lawsuit by certain members of the Centre raising concerns with respect to alleged mismanagement and illegal functioning of the society.

The plaintiffs said the society was a public religious trust created for the purpose of promoting an awareness of the ethos of Islamic Culture and to assist in the creation of an ethical society based on tolerance, universal brotherhood, love, and charity amongst the members of the public.

In its order, the court noted that in view of the tussle going on between the office bearers, the functioning of society has been affected requiring immediate indulgence in appointing an administrator/Observer so that further damage is contained in the interest of members and public at large.

“During the course of arguments, all parties have made suggestions for appointment of an observer due to conflict of interest amongst its office bearers… Hence, Mr. Justice Talwant Singh (Retd.) hereby appointed as learned Court Observer,” Justice Yogesh Khanna said in a recent order.

The court said Justice Singh would take charge of membership records, and minutes of meetings of the society and preserve the same as well as conduct membership and financial audits with respect to income and expenditure of the society.

The court, which gave several powers and responsibilities to the retired judge in relation to running the affairs of the society, further said after the membership audit is completed, the Court Observer will initiate the election process in accordance with the Memorandum of Articles of Association and hold elections and hand over the management to the newly elected Board of Trustees subject to further directions.

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