COVID doesn’t allow Lawyers to argue case through VC with WIFE

The Orissa High Court has asked High Court Bar Association and State Bar Council to guide its member lawyers not to breach the decorum and sanctity of court during hearings through video conferencing.

Justice Bishwanath Rath sought intervention of regulatory bodies, as a counsel tried to argue his case from inside a moving car, due to which huge disturbance was caused in hearing. On the query of the court, the counsel replied he is rushing to the town and is unable to argue the case from his residence at Cuttack. 

On this Justice Rath observed that “This Court seriously condemns the conducting of a case inside a vehicle on road,” 

The court further observed-

“In the Covid-19 situation, extending arguing place beyond the court premises does not mean permitting one to argue matter inside a vehicle, from his lawn and from his drawing room allowing his wife to join him in the process of proceeding. Counsel should argue at the minimum from his/her home or temporary residence and there should be maintenance of minimum decorum,”

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