Court Awards Salon to Pay Rs 70,000 Damages to Woman For Skin Peel Off

A woman filed a lawsuit against an Indore spa for botching her Brazilian waxing. A consumer court ordered the spa to pay the woman Rs 70,000 in compensation.

The incident occurred in November 2021. The woman, a Chandan Nagar resident, went to a Tulsi Nagar spa for a premium Brazilian (bikini) waxing worth Rs 4,500. The girl complained to the service provider as the session began that the wax was too hot and gave her a burning sensation.

However, the service provider assured her that the burning sensation was normal and that she had nothing to worry about. Furthermore, the service provider claimed that the genital areas are delicate and should be treated with caution.

Despite the woman’s assurances, the waxing went horribly wrong. When the strip was removed from her skin, the skin peeled off, causing severe burning.

In January 2022, the woman filed a lawsuit against the salon owner for poor service. Meanwhile, the owner has refused to comment on the case. The court ruled on April 14 that the woman had suffered serious injuries during the waxing session.

According to the judges, the service provider was also supposed to listen to the woman’s concerns. Furthermore, the waxing session should have begun only after the wax had been tested on the customer’s skin.

As a result, the court ordered the spa to pay Rs 30,000 in damages, Rs 20,000 in mental anguish, and another Rs 20,000 in medical treatment for the woman.

The spa order was instructed to pay the balance within 30 days.

According to reports, the number of cases of waxing gone wrong is increasing. “We have passed judgement against four spas in the last week and approximately 15 spas in the last year,” said Balraj Kumar Paloda, president of the district consumer disputes redressal commission.

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