Court acquits former BJP MP Chinmayanand

On Friday, a special court acquitted former Union Minister Chinmayanand in a sexual harassment case filed by a law student.

In a different case, a court acquitted the law student and other accused who were accused of blackmailing Chinmayannand and were allegedly trying to extort rupees five crores from him. All the accused of the case are out on bail right now.

The Court examined more than twenty prosecution witnesses in both cases. During the trial, the student turned hostile and changed her statement; the student stated that she levelled the allegations against the Minister as she was under pressure.

During Chinmayanand’s trial, no witnesses were examined, but in the student’s trial, the Court examined one defence witness.


The woman who made the allegation, studied in a law college run by a Trust run by Chinmayanand. The prosecution stated that in 2019 August, the law student went missing after uploading a video stating that an influential politician has harassed and destroyed many girls’ lives. In the video, she did not name any person, but according to the woman’s father, she referred to Chinmayanand.

In response, Chinmayanand’s counsel lodged an FIR stating that someone had threatened CHinmayanand on the phone and has demanded five crores from him. The person also stated that he has a video Chinmayanand which he would release to the public if his demands are not met.

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UP government formed a Special Investigation Team to probe the case. The team arrested the girl from Rajasthan, and Chinmaayanad was also arrested from his Ashram.

The girl was arrested, and the prosecution alleged that she blackmailed the Minister with her accomplices.

SIT filed charge sheets in both cases on 06.11.2019.

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