CJI Warns Lawyers, Litigants About Fake SC Website Created for Phishing Attacks

Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud on Thursday warned lawyers and litigants about a fake website of the Supreme Court created for phishing attacks and asked them to be careful with monetary transactions.

The top court has also issued a public notice and asked the public to neither click nor share any website links they receive without verifying their authenticity.

“Please be careful. Don’t click on that link. Don’t use it for monetary transactions,” said Chandrachud, who was sitting in a constitution bench hearing pleas challenging the abrogation of Article 370.

The notice said, “The Registry, Supreme Court of India, has been made aware of a phishing attack. A fake website, impersonating the official website has been created and hosted on the URL.”

“The attackers through the URL are soliciting personal details and confidential information. Any visitor on the above URLs is strongly advised not to share and divulge any personal and confidential information, as the same shall enable the perpetrators to steal the information,” it said.

The notice said that the Registry of the Supreme Court of India never asks for personal information, financial details or other confidential information.

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“Please also note that the Supreme Court of India is the registered user of the domain name www.sci.gov.in and before clicking on any URL always hover over the URL to verify the same.

“In case you have been a victim of the above phishing attack, please change your passwords for all your online accounts and also contact your bank, or credit card company, to report such unauthorized access,” it said.

It said that the Registry of the Supreme Court of India has taken due concern of the phishing attack and has flagged the same with law enforcement agencies to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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