Bombay High Court Criticizes Railways for Hazardous Commuting Conditions on Local Trains

The Bombay High Court issued a strong reprimand to the general managers of Central and Western Railways over the perilous conditions faced by millions of daily commuters on Mumbai’s local trains, which have become notoriously overcrowded and dangerous. During a hearing, Chief Justice Devendra Upadhyay expressed deep embarrassment over the state of commuting, urging for a reduction in the fatality rate to be lower than that of London’s transport system.

The hearing, presided over by Chief Justice Upadhyay and Justice Amit Borkar, was based on a public interest litigation filed by Yatin Jadhav, a daily commuter on the Western Railway line. Highlighting the alarming number of deaths—approximately 2,590 annually—Jadhav’s petition sheds light on the grim reality of local train travel, where daily commutes resemble a battlefield, with fatalities outnumbering those of soldiers in actual combat.

During the proceedings, the court was informed that despite the introduction of air-conditioned trains with closed doors, the majority of the working class cannot afford them, leading to even more crowded conditions on non-AC trains. Lawyer Rohan Shah emphasized that the death rate per thousand passengers in Mumbai is staggeringly high compared to other major cities like New York and London.

Chief Justice Upadhyay criticized the railways for their lack of substantial progress, questioning whether they had effectively reduced the accidents caused by crossing tracks and falling from trains. The court stressed the need for railway authorities to change their attitude and approach towards managing the safety and capacity of local trains.

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The advocate representing Western Railway mentioned that guidelines issued by the High Court in 2019 regarding infrastructure improvements had been followed. However, the court noted that compliance alone was insufficient and pointed out that significant fatalities still occur due to systemic negligence.

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