Daredevil Holi Stunts Cost Riders Rs 33,000: Noida Police Clamp Down on ‘Titanic’ Scooter Antics

In an incident that has sparked widespread attention, Noida police on Monday slapped a hefty fine of Rs 33,000 on individuals caught performing perilous stunts on a moving scooter amidst Holi celebrations. The crackdown came after two videos capturing the reckless antics went viral, drawing ire and concern from netizens and authorities alike.

One of the videos showcased a woman attempting to mimic the iconic “Titanic” pose by standing on the scooter’s backseat, arms wide open, as the vehicle sped along. The stunt took a swift turn for the worse when the scooter’s brakes were applied, leading to her falling off the vehicle. Despite the evident risk and the subsequent fall, the woman appeared unfazed by the incident.

The audacity did not end there. Another video depicted a duo engaging in Holi festivities in an equally hazardous manner. Seated back-to-back on a scooter, the women were seen smearing colors on each other, oblivious to the dangers of their actions, as a man navigated the busy streets. The background score of “Ang Laga De” added a cinematic feel to their risky endeavor, further romanticizing the perilous act.

The virality of these videos prompted swift action from the Noida police, leading to the imposition of a substantial fine for a slew of violations. The charges included dangerous driving, riding without helmets, and non-compliance with air pollution standards, among other infractions.

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DCP Vidya Sagar Mishra voiced a stern warning in light of the events, emphasizing the gravity of such reckless behavior. “The police are committed to enforcing the law and ensuring public safety. These stunts are not only a blatant disregard for one’s own life but also endanger others,” Mishra stated. He further appealed to the public, urging parents and youngsters to adhere to the Motor Vehicles Act and refrain from engaging in such life-threatening antics.

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