Allahabad High Court Stresses Severe Punishment for Firms Committing Job Scams, Rejects Accused’s Bail Plea

The Allahabad High Court has underscored the need for stringent punitive measures against manpower consultancy agencies and firms involved in fraudulent activities under the guise of providing governmental or overseas job opportunities. The court pointed out the detrimental impact such crimes have on society and emphasized the necessity to tackle these issues decisively. Directions were also issued to the registrar to forward a copy of the order to the Additional Chief Secretary Home and the Director General of Police (DGP) of Uttar Pradesh.

Justice Manju Rani Chauhan’s bench dismissed the bail application of Himanshu Kanaujia, a resident of Jaunpur, accused of defrauding individuals by promising them employment. Himanshu, who has been in jail since December 1, 2023, faces multiple charges of fraud, including allegations of having provided a fake appointment letter in exchange for a significant sum of money.

The court’s decision comes amidst arguments presented by both the defendant’s lawyer, Vijay Prakash Singh, and the government attorney, Arunesh Kumar Singh. Highlighting the grim perception of unemployment among the youth, the court noted that many young individuals view unemployment as a fate worse than death, making them desperate to stand on their own feet. This desperation, the court observed, is exploited by fraudulent recruitment firms and fake manpower consultancy agencies.

The proliferation of such deceitful entities has been likened to the rapid growth of mushrooms, indicating an alarming increase in fraudulent agencies that prey on the unemployed youth by enticing them with lucrative job offers in both government sectors and abroad. Young individuals, lured by the promise of attractive jobs, often end up selling their family properties or borrowing money at high interest rates to pay these agencies. The realization of being duped dawns upon them only when these consultancy firms vanish overnight, leaving their futures in ruins and making recovery an arduous process.

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The court firmly stated that these “white-collar criminals” must be dealt with sternly and deserving culprits should face severe punishment to deter such fraudulent practices and safeguard the future of the youth.

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