Ludhiana Civil Judge Suspended for Corruption and Indiscipline After Vigilance Probe

In a significant move aimed at upholding judicial integrity, the Full Court of the Punjab and Haryana High Court has suspended Rajeev Garg, a Junior Division Civil Judge in Ludhiana, on charges of corruption and indiscipline. This decision comes in the wake of a detailed vigilance investigation prompted by various complaints against the judge. This action reflects the judiciary’s commitment to ensuring accountability and transparency within its ranks.

The suspension was announced following a comprehensive review of the complaints and the findings of the High Court’s vigilance committee. During the proceedings, the Acting Chief Justice shared insights from a visit to Ludhiana, highlighting several shortcomings in Judge Garg’s work. Considering these factors, the Full Court decided to suspend Garg, assigning Nawanshahr as his headquarters during the suspension period.

This disciplinary action follows a recent recommendation by the Full Court to dismiss another judge, Sachal Babbar, from the Punjab cadre, on similar grounds of misconduct. Babbar, who was serving as a Civil Judge (Junior Division) in Bathinda, faced dismissal last month, emphasizing the judiciary’s stringent stance against unethical practices.

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