Woman sends 150 condoms to Justice Ganediwala in protest of her controversial POCSO rulings

To protest against the controversial judgement given by Justice Pushpa Ganediwala in POCSO cases a woman (Devshri Trivedi) from Ahmedabad has sent 150 condoms to Justice Ganediwala.

Trivedi stated that she had sent the condoms to Justice Ganediwala’s chamber and also to 12 different places that include Principal Seat of Bombay High Court and Nagpur Bench. 

She further stated that she could not tolerate injustice, and the minor victim did not get justice due to the judgement given by Justice Ganediwala. Suspension of Justice Ganediwala is also one of her demands.

According to the interview that Trivedi gave to an English daily, Trivedi had sent the condom packages on February 9, and some of the packages have been delivered. 

She also mentioned that she does not think that what she did was wrong.

Trivedi told the daily that women have to stand up for their rights, and due to Justice Ganediwala’s judgement, men will go scot-free after sexually assaulting girls over their clothes.

Registry office of Bombay HC Nagpur Bench has stated that they have not reviewed the said packages.

Senior Counsel Shrirang Bhandarkar of Nagpur Bar Association that it was a clear case of contempt of Court and authorities should take action against Ms Trivedi.

Story based on report of Quint

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