Woman Seeks Divorce Over Honeymoon Destination Changed From Goa to Ayodhya

In a unique marital dispute, a woman in Bhopal has filed for divorce from her husband, citing his last-minute change of their honeymoon destination from Goa to Ayodhya and Varanasi.

The couple, who had been married for five months, had originally planned a trip to Goa and South India. However, just a day before departure, the husband announced a change in plans, opting for a visit to the holy cities instead.

The woman, in her divorce petition, expressed her disappointment and dissatisfaction with her husband’s decision. Despite both being well-employed with substantial salaries, her husband chose to forgo their planned trip to Goa, a popular honeymoon destination. Instead, he cited his mother’s wish to visit Ayodhya and Varanasi before the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony scheduled for January 22.

Upon returning from the trip, which also included her in-laws, the woman took legal action, feeling that her husband had consistently put his family’s needs above hers. This issue became the tipping point for her, leading to her decision to file for divorce merely ten days after their return.

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During the proceedings in the family court, the husband appeared nonchalant about the situation. He reportedly told the counsellors that his wife was overreacting to the situation.

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