What Are The 10 Most Strange Laws Of Dubai?”

The United Arab Emirates especially Dubai is well known for its strict laws.

The punishment under these laws is even stricter. Out of these strict laws of Dubai, we have brought to you 10 strange laws of Dubai:

Swearing Not Allowed

In the UAE, swearing in public is not allowed, it is punishable upto imprisonment of one year along with fine upto 10 thousand dirhams. This is applicable to online activities too. You cannot use the swearing word in Whatsapp conversations, Facebook, twitter etc, as it violates the UAE cyber laws.

According to Section 373 of UAE Penal Code, the use of the F-word is considered to be a crime, as it violates the honour and modesty of a person.

Similarly showing a middle finger is also against the law and can be cause of your deportation from UAE.

Peeping into Someone’s Mobile Phone

Privacy of Individuals has been given very high priority in UAE (Dubai). As per the laws, violating privacy of a person through social media or computers can lead to imprisonment of 6 month and fine upto 5 lakh dirhams.

In 2016, a woman was sentenced to jail, as she transferred some photos from her husband’s mobile to her through whatsapp. She was also fined for 150 thousand dirhams and deported to her country.

Drinking and Eating in Public Transport

As per the laws of UAE, drinking and eating in all kinds of public transport including metros and pedestrian crossings, is strictly prohibited. Violating this law can cost you 100 dirhams.

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Foods having Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds are banned in UAE, therefore if you are carrying any food which has poppy seeds as its ingredients, you can land in jail.

Raising Fund for Charity

If anyone wants to raise funds for charity in Dubai, it must be approved by the IACAD (Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department). An activity of raising fund without approval of the body will invite upto 5 lakhs dirhams fine and deportation.

Accessing Banned Website through VPN

If you are trying to access a website which is banned in UAE (Dubai) by using the VPN method, then you should know that it is against cyber laws of the country. Violation of this law is punishable with fine upto 2 million dirhams. So beware before using torrent to download movies!

Unclean Car

Sandstorms are very normal in the UAE (Dubai) , but this is no excuse to have a dirty car. In UAE having a dirty car is considered to be bringing bad image to the city and public health

Many people have landed into serious travel due to this law. Taking someone’s picture in Dubai without his/her consent is considered to be a grave violation of one’s privacy. Further if such an image is posted on social media, then it becomes more grave. As per the cyber laws, imprisonment of six months and a fine of 5 lakh fine can be imposed for taking someone’s picture without consent. Also various tourists have been deported for violation of this law.

Taking Photos of Courts, Military Buildings

If you are very fond of taking photos on your tour, remember don’t take photos of courts, military buildings of UAE. Also if you see any accident on your way to somewhere, don’t take a photo and post it on social media, as it is a violation of UAE laws and can cost you upto 3 million dirhams as well as deportation.


One of the vaguest laws in Dubai is this, that one cannot gossip, make and spread rumors about someone, as it is considered to be a violation of one’s privacy and can be a threat to national security. In the UAE spreading rumours or fake news specially on Social Media is punishable with imprisonment of 3 years and fine upto 1 million dirhams.

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