Uniform Civil Code: Uttarakhand to Raise the Marriageable Age of Girls

In Uttarakhand, the marriageable age of girls is likely to be increased whereas an in-depth study is being undertaken to ban traditions like ‘halala’ and ‘iddat’. Both of these issues are being seriously considered by the expert committee drafting the state’s Uniform Civil Code.

The committee will submit the final draught report to the government within the next two weeks. Former IAS Shatrughan Singh, a senior member of the Uniform Civil Code drafting committee, told this newspaper, “The committee has also received suggestions that in the event of the death of an employed son, his parents are eligible for compensation in addition to his wife.” Even if the wife remarries, they should be entitled to a share of the compensation received in the event of the husband’s death.”

“In such a case, if the wife dies, her parents have no support, and the husband should be responsible for their maintenance.” “The committee is also deliberating on all of these suggestions,” Shatrughan Singh said.

‘Shahar Qazi’ Mohammad Ahmed Qasmi strongly objected to the suggestions, telling this newspaper, “No one has the right to interfere in Quran Sharif, just as no one has the right to interfere in ‘iddat’ and ‘halala.'”

“The purpose of observing the ‘Iddat’ period is to determine whether the woman is pregnant or not and accept the certainty of paternity; the Uttarakhand government, central government, or any authority has no right to intervene in this sensitive decision related to Shariat and culture of Muslim society,” Qasmi added.

“There is no acceptance in many Muslim countries on a contentious issue like halala; its abolition is in the best interests of society,” BJP spokesperson Ravinder Kumar said.

Suggestions for UCC

Polygamy is prohibited in the state.

The live-in relationship will be declared, and the parents will be notified.

Girls will be given an equal share of ancestral property.

Adoption for everyone

Both husband and wife should have equal grounds for divorce.

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