Supreme Court Justice Abhay S Oka Advocates for Constitution Reverence Over Religious Rituals

During a recent event in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra, Supreme Court Justice Abhay Oka emphasized the importance of prioritizing the Constitution over religious practices within the legal community. His remarks were made at the ground-breaking ceremony of a new court building on Sunday, March 3rd.

Justice Oka suggested that legal professionals, including lawyers and judges, should commence their duties by bowing before a copy of the Constitution instead of engaging in traditional religious rituals. This proposal comes as the nation approaches the 75th anniversary of adopting the Constitution, a milestone that Justice Oka believes should be marked by reinforcing respect for constitutional values.

In attendance at the event was another Supreme Court Justice, Bhushan R Gavai, who led the ceremony. Justice Oka used this platform to reflect on the foundational principles of secularism and democracy enshrined in the Constitution’s preamble. He argued that these principles should be at the core of the judiciary’s ethos, rather than religious or ritualistic practices.

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Justice Oka further clarified his stance by recounting his efforts to minimize religious rituals during his tenure in Karnataka’s judiciary, although he admitted to not being able to eliminate them entirely. He called for a new tradition where constitutional reverence takes precedence in judicial proceedings, highlighting the need to honor and uphold the values enshrined in the Constitution.

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