Stop calling me “My Lord” and I will give you half of my salary: SC judge tells senior advocate

A Supreme Court judge has voiced unhappiness at being repeatedly addressed as “My Lord” and “Your Lordships” by lawyers during judicial proceedings.

“How many times you will say ‘My Lords’? If you stop saying this, then I will give you half of my salary,” Justice P S Narasimha, who was sitting on the bench with senior presiding judge Justice A S Bopanna, told a senior lawyer during the hearing of a regular matter on Wednesday.

Lawyers, during arguments, invariably address judges as “My Lord” or “Your Lordships”. Those opposed to the practice often call it a colonial-era relic and a sign of slavery.

“Why don’t you use ‘Sir’ instead,” Justice Narasimha said, adding otherwise, he will start counting as to how many times the senior lawyer uttered the expression “My Lords”.

In 2006, the Bar Council of India had passed a resolution deciding no advocate will address judges as “My Lord” and “Your Lordship” but it was not followed in practice.

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