SC launches e-copying software to facilitate doorstep and contactless delivery of Certified Copies of Orders

The Apex Court has launched a web-based e Copying software to facilitate contactless and doorstep delivery of certified copies of Supreme Court proceedings/judgements. Now, litigants and other stakeholders don’t have to visit the Court’s registry for such copies.

People can access the e-copying software from the Supreme Court’s website ( and get such copies.

Launching the software will not change the existing rules but is an additional online mechanism.

Stakeholders will have to pay online for the copies, and after that, they will receive Supreme Court judgements/proceedings at their address. The copies can be collected from the Registry as well, and there is an option to apply for e-authenticated copies.

This new mechanism will not replace the current practice of getting unauthenticated/certified copies per the Supreme Court Rules and A Handbook on Practice and Procedure and Office Procedure, 2017.

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If stakeholders have any queries or require assistance, then they can call 011 23112143.

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