SC Issues Notice in Plea Seeking Mandatory Verification of Social Media Profiles

Two students have filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the social media fake profiles. 

The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Government of India. An answer has been sought from the government regarding this entire matter. 

In the petition filed by the students, it has been prayed that all the profiles on social media should be verified, so that illegal and wrong posts can be removed. 

Recently people have been cheated by creating fake profiles on social media platforms like Facebook for the last few months. Many government agencies have also asked people to be cautious about this.

Complaints of grabbing millions through Facebook by creating fake profiles is increasing day by day.  By creating fake profiles on Facebook, people have started fooling people by grabbing money. 

In a similar case, a Facebook user posted on his wall that “People are asking for money by creating a fraud ID in my name, please do not give money.”

In order to increase social prestige on social media, you should not lose your accumulated capital. For this, go to the settings and close the location or else the work will become easier for the thieves. 

According to cyber expert, turn on Face Recognition in the setting of Facebook. Close Facebook location. Do not write the phone banking number on Facebook. Do not write your email on Facebook. Provide as much information on social media that will save your privacy because as much as you use digital platforms, you are prey for cyber-criminal.

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