SC Directs State Governments to Ensure Education of Children Staying in Child Care Institutions

On Tuesday the Supreme Court passed a set of directions to Union Territories/ State concerning educational needs of children who are living in Child Care Institutions(CCIs) and children who are reunited with their families through CCIs.

The Bench issued the following directions:-

  • State governments were directed to provide necessary infrastructure, stationery, books, printers, and other equipment that are needed for online classes as recommended by the District Child Care Protection Unit ( DCPU ) within 30 days from the date of this order.
  • UTs/State governments were directed to ensure that adequate numbers of teachers were made available to teach at CCIs.
  • If children need extra classes to prepare for final exams, the authorities should provide the same.
  • DCPUs were directed to assess children who were restored to parents/foster homes/ guardians by taking assistance from other statutory bodies.
  • If the family of the children need financial assistance for educational purposes, then the State should help them.
  • If DCPUs recommend that financial assistance should be provided, then the State should release Rs.2000 to such families but ensure that the fund should be used for educational purposes.
  • In cases where children have been restored to their families during the lockdown period, the DCPUs will ascertain the number of such students in a particular locality and provide a teacher for a group of 25 students.
  • If there is a need for any clarifications, then the States can approach the Amicus Curiae.

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In the directive, the Court also referred to best practices followed by States of Karnataka, Tripura, and Telangana in relation to children who lived in CCIs. 

It was noted that Telangana was arranging extra classes for children in CCIs while the government of Tripura was providing Rs 2160/ Month to guardians/parents who were unable to afford the educational expenses of their children.

In Karnataka, the local government was providing a tutor/guide to batches of 25 students who were restored to their families.

The National Council for Protection of Children Rights was directed to monitor the implementations of the directive mentioned above.

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