Rules For Video Conferencing For Courts In The State of Uttar Pradesh, 2020 Notified

Rules For Video Conferencing For Courts In The State of Uttar Pradesh, 2020 has been notified by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The Rules have been made by the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad under Articles 225 and 227 of the constitution of India for the videoconferencing for Courts in the State of Uttar Pradesh for the information of the public concerned.

The Act has been brought to to consolidate, unify and streamline the procedure relating to use of video conferencing for Courts.

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The Rules provide exhaustive procedure for the facility of video conferencing in Courts of UP.

General Principles Governing Video Conferencing

  • Video conferencing facilities may be used at all stages of judicial proceedings and proceedings conducted by the Court.
  • All proceedings conducted by a Court by way of video conferencing shall be judicial proceedings and all the courtesies and protocols applicable to a physical Court shall apply to these virtual proceedings. The protocol provided in Schedule I shall be adhered to for proceedings conducted by way of video conferencing.
  • All relevant statutory provisions applicable to judicial proceedings including provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (abbreviated hereafter as the Evidence Act), and Information Technology Act, 2000 (abbreviated hereafter as the IT Act), shall apply to proceedings conducted through video conferencing.
  • Subject to maintaining independence, impartiality and credibility of judicial proceedings, and subject to such directions as the High Court may issue, Courts may adopt such technological advances as may become available from time to time.
  • The Rules as applicable to a Court shall mutatis mutandis apply to a Commissioner appointed by the Court to record evidence and to an inquiry officer conducting an inquiry.

The following equipments are recommended for conducting proceedings through video conferencing at the Court Point and at the Remote Point:

(i) Desktop, Laptop, mobile devices with internet connectivity and printer;

(ii) Device ensuring uninterrupted power supply;

(iii) Camera;

(iv) Microphones and speakers;

(v) Display unit;

(vi) Document visualizer;

(vii) Provision of a firewall;

(viii) Adequate seating arrangements ensuring privacy;

(ix) Adequate lighting; and

(x) Availability of a quiet and secure space

Different arrangements have been provided for lawyers at different places including foreign place.


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